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The Conciergerie from A to Z

We offer traditional concierge services, such as key drop-off, cleaning/housekeeping and gardening, but can also support and assist you in promoting and marketing your property. 
We also offer renovation and decoration coaching order to maximize your investment and be able to charge an attractive price for a high quality service - all while ensuring you a maximum margin.
Our 30 years of experience in the hotel and interior design industry enables us to offer you a complete program.
Style de Vie, your single point of contact for all aspects of your property management, from A to Z.
Concierge, a Lifestyle!

Chambre moderne avec mur sombre

Customer Reviews

Style de Vie allowed me to rent my property throughout the year thanks to their marketing and private concierge service.

A great source of income that allows me to take my family on vacation every year!

A big "Thank you". to my Concierge!

Alain Chiquet

Everything is managed from key drop-off to gardening! This allows me to devote myself to my career while having a property that is self-financing...

Mathieu Deforges

If there is a problem to solve in the middle of the Season, you are there on the go!

Thank you for making renting my villa easy and saving me the headaches!

Jacques Rasio

Our quality guarantee 

Our mission at Style de Vie is simple: to provide high quality services to our clients. Our team does everything to meet the specific needs of each project. Thanks to transparent communication and an exceptional quality of service, you will find what you are looking for by calling on our Concierge Service.
For more information or general inquiries, contact us today.

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